These are the products that I’ve tested and use myself, and have been referring my clients over the years. I could not recommend them more highly. I am an affiliate for some, so happy to recommend only the best, and if you use my link, you’ll receive a discount and/or a complimentary session on how to use it for best results. Enjoy!

After extensive research for the most dependable, innovative, affordable (for greater profit margins) and user friendly platform, Mighty Networks platform is one of my top recommendation for clients.

It’s women owned and led, they’re continually refining and innovating, and it has an AI driven setup option which will save you hours and hours.

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Your ultimate partner in building a community

Software, strategy, and support does the heavy lifting—so your community runs itself. The #1 ranked community platform on G2, Mighty Networks is the only place you can own your community and upgrade to your own branded apps.

To Be Magnetic

The neuroscience-based manifestation method that really works.

OK, I know this recommendation may seem wildly woo woo – but, this program is rooted expansively in neuroscience and deep healing modalities that have helped me, and my clients with all sorts of unconscious challenges that so often hold us back in life and business. I could not recommend it more highly.

To Be Magnetic‘s unique neuromanifestation process is backed by neuroscience, psychology, EMDR, epigenetics, and energetics with a little spirituality sprinkled on top. The method is based on powerful inner healing to help raise your self-worth and stepping into your unique authenticity by reprogramming the subconscious limiting beliefs you picked up during childhood and throughout your life. Annual Plan  | Monthly Plan | Discount Code: MEGAN4676





I highly recommend this product and ‘pocket funnel’ and Dubb says using their video messaging increase sales up to 3x! Create actionable videos that build your brand and cultivate trust among your clients. Dubb is the sales operating system that gets you more connections and conversions. Sign up with my link and I’ll give you a complimentary strategy session.

Google Workspace

Google Workspace is a cloud-based productivity suite that helps teams communicate, collaborate and get things done from anywhere and on any device. It’s simple to set up, use and manage, so your business can focus on what really matters. Watch a video or find out more here.

Here are some highlights:
Business email for your domain
Look professional and communicate as Gmail’s simple features help you build your brand while getting more done.

Access from any location or device
Check emails, share files, edit documents, hold video meetings and more, whether you’re at work, at home or on the move. You can pick up where you left off from a computer, tablet or phone.

Enterprise-level management tools
Robust admin settings give you total command over users, devices, security and more.

Sign up using my link and get a 14-day trial, and message me to get an exclusive discount when you try Google Workspace for your business.


Built to save time and get you paid faster.

When you process payments with Square online and in person, you get unified sales and customer data, inventory syncing, and best-in-class hardware and software.

Complete sales reporting

See all your sales in one report. Spend less time reconciling data across payment systems and more time optimizing sales based on your real-time results.