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Scale by doing less

Business & Marketing Strategy | AI Integration

“Megan simplified my business and strategy.

And, now I work less and make 30x more than I ever have before.

She changed my business and my LIFE!” Stephanie D.



Megan Flinn blends over 27 years of expertise in high-profit business design and marketing communications strategy, helping clients achieve extraordinary results very quickly and effectively. She now integrates state-of-the-art AI tools into her consulting practice for even more prolific results.


In her 20s, Megan launched, then sold, a groundbreaking software company that quickly rose to serve worldwide industry leaders. Her company’s software solutions very quickly resolved a very expensive and time critical challenge for their clients earning the trust of worldwide partners and clients including Adobe, Nike, R.R. Donnelley American Greetings establishing her company as a key strategic ally in the emergence of technology in the graphic arts industry during a pivotal time. 


Megan is dedicated to continuing to help clients scale their businesses more profitably by integrating AI strategically and effectively to optimize their business and marketing practices. Her clients have achieved from 2x-30x growth while working a fraction of the time, taking back 1000s of hours and thereby profits allowing clients to scale faster and more easily.

Integrating the latest and most effective AI tools in her sessions real-time, allows even more rapid, data-centric, targeted strategy and deliverables with clients – – generating strategy and deliverables in MINUTES, helping businesses reach their full potential even more prolifically, for more to spend on LIFE.

Strategic Breakthroughs with Real-Time AI Insights

Discover the power of combining decades of strategic digital business and marketing experience with the latest AI technology real-time in Megan Flinn’s consulting sessions.

This unique blend transcends traditional consulting. It’s about leveraging insights for crafting powerful business strategies, impactful marketing, and radically targeted and customized campaigns with the latest AI power tools to provide immediate, data-centric results.

In Megan’s sessions, adding AI integration is about effectively empowering your business strategy and deliverables with unparalleled precision and depth getting extraordinary results together… IN MINUTES.